Covid-19: China will face 1 million cases, 5k deaths daily; Here’s why new ‘Cold’ war burns 3 years research

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Covid-19: China will face 1 million cases, 5k deaths daily; Here’s why new 'Cold' war burns 3 years research

Covid-19: China will face 1 million cases, 5k deaths daily; Here’s why new ‘Cold’ war burns 3 years research

By Sanjay Maurya

COVID-19 highlights how truly interdependent we all are, but China, which is hiding its Corona figures from the world, making its own inappropriate rules. But why does it matter, actually when the world is preparing to celebrate New Year 2023, China is focusing on crossing the latest Covid peak sooner rather than later, that’s why the Chinese government only watching the surge and there is no mood of measures.

According to a new analysis, China is likely to face 1 million Covid infections and 5,000 virus-related deaths every day, as the country of 1.4 billion people faces the worst outbreak ever in the world. According to British scientific information and analytics company Airfinity, this current Covid wave could see the country’s daily case rate rise by 3.7 million in January, Bloomberg reported on Thursday (22 December).


Country in East Asia

  • Capital: Beijing
  • Dialing code: +86
  • Area: 9.597 million km²
  • Population: 141.24 crores (2021) World Bank
  • Gross domestic product: 17.73 lakh crores USD (2021) World Bank
  • Official language: Mandarin
  • Provinces: Zhejiang, Guangdong Province, Anhui, Henan, Sichuan, MORE

This report has been released by a London-based analytics firm. The condition is getting worse in China’s Beijing, Sichuan, Anhui, Hubei, Shanghai, and Hunan. Amidst the ever-worsening situation, the news is coming that Chinese President Xi Jinping may hold a Covid review meeting for the first time on Sunday (December 25).

A complete lockdown may be imposed again

In this meeting, a strategy will be prepared to overcome the crowd on Christmas and New Year. Any special guideline can also be issued by the Jinping government for Christmas and New Year. It is believed that President Jinping may announce a complete lockdown in China after this meeting. Experts have predicted the infection rate in Beijing to be 50 to 70 percent. In Shanghai, 25 million people are expected to be Covid positive by next week.

The government engaged in hiding figures

The Jinping government has once again started the work of hiding the figures of Corona. According to the government, only 8 people have died due to Corona in the last week. According to media reports, on December 20 alone, 36 million cases were reported in China. At the same time, from November 19 to December 18, 11 lakh people applied online for death certificates in China. 60 in Beijing and 60 in Shanghai, while 40 new cemeteries are being built in Chengdu.

The severe shortage of medicines in China

There is a huge shortage of medicines in China. Overtime is being done in pharmaceutical companies to meet the demand. Meanwhile, some arrangements have also been made by the Chinese government. The government has announced giving free medicines for fever, body pain, and headache. N-95 masks and antigen testing kits have run out in medical stores across the country. Seeing the demand, the Jinping government has given licenses to more than 100 new companies.

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