Mexico completely forbids tobacco advertising and smoking in public areas

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Mexico completely forbids tobacco advertising and smoking in public areas

Mexico completely forbids tobacco advertising and smoking in public areas

By Sanjay Maurya

One of the harshest anti-tobacco regulations in the world has been put in place by Mexico, which has outlawed smoking entirely in public areas. According to a BBC article, the law, which was first adopted in 2021, also forbids tobacco product advertising.

Several other countries in Latin America have also passed laws that forbid smoking in public areas. But according to the outlet, Mexico is believed to have the most complete and strong judicial system.

It is comparable to one of the most stringent anti-smoking laws in the world. A total prohibition on smoking has been added to Mexico’s 2008 law that established smoke-free zones in bars, restaurants, and workplaces. This includes areas like parks, beaches, offices, and dining establishments.

Additionally, there will be a total prohibition on tobacco product marketing, sponsorship, and advertising, making it impossible for smokes to even be displayed inside of businesses. According to the BBC, vapes and e-cigarettes are also subject to these newer, tougher laws.

The Pan American Health Organization applauded the Mexican government’s choice to implement the ban. However, the severity of the new law horrifies a lot of smokers. It may also imply that many smokers will be limited to smoking in their homes or other private locations.

The viability of the law’s execution has been questioned by other groups in society. Since police corruption is rife in Mexico as well, many people are concerned that some officers may use smoking in public as a pretext to receive bribes rather than enforce actual fines or penalties, according to the source.

Tobacco Control Legislation:

The primary law guiding tobacco control in Mexico is the General Law on Tobacco Control. The law addresses several different facets of tobacco control, such as key term definitions, smoke-free laws, tobacco advertising, promotion, and sponsorship, packaging and labelling, and enforcement.

The General Law on Tobacco Control Regulations, which were approved in 2009, govern the General Law on a variety of topics, including health licensing, packaging and labelling, advertising, promotion, and sponsorship, limitations on smoking in public places, enforcement authorities, and sanctions.

The provisions for the creation, approval, application, utilisation, and incorporation of legends, images, pictograms, health messages, and information that must appear on all tobacco product packages and all of their outside packaging and labelling were made public in a contract that the Secretary of Health released in December 2009.

These mandatory provisions were the result of an agreement between the Ministry of Health and the tobacco industry and were issued in accordance with the Secretary’s authority under the General Law on Tobacco Control and the Regulations of the General Law on Tobacco Control, despite FCTC Article 5.3’s requirement that Parties protect their public health policies from commercial and other vested interests of the tobacco industry.

Updated sets of health warnings to be printed on the packaging of smoked and smokeless tobacco products have been included in numerous subsequent agreements from the Ministry of Health.

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