Top 10 Water Parks in India

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Top 10 Water Parks in India

What else can be the better way to enjoy scorching summer than having water rides in the world class water parks? Not only you beat the heat there, but also you splash away all the tensions and worries of regular life and live a distinct watery day.

There may be many reasons to visit a water park such as the high temperature, summer holidays of kids, family outing or fun party with friends. Choose your own excuse and transport yourself along with your dear ones to the nearest water park. Take rides, play in water, shake a leg in the rain or just chill in pools, a whole array of activities is waiting for you here.

Seeing the need we have brought “top 10 best water parks in India” to help you decide which one will you try this summer. Here we go!

  1. World of Wonder in Noida
  2. Water Kingdom in Mumbai
  3. Dreamworld Waterpark at Thrissur
  4. Queensland in Chennai
  5. Adlabs Aquamagica, Mumbai, Pune
  6. Wonder La Bangalore
  7. Funcity Chandigarh
  8. Splash Water Park Delhi
  9. GRS Fantasy Park Mysore
  10. Oysters, Gurgaon

1. Dreamworld Waterpark at Thrissur

Dreamworld amusement park offers a thrilling experience against the backdrop of Kerala’s largest waterfall. The cutting-edge facility includes an 8-foot-deep wave pool and a 30-foot-long raft ride. There are 42 rides in all at the park, with more than half of them being water rides. It is one of the top waterparks in the country because of its setting in the centre of a beautiful waterfall.

Its main features include a rain dance, mermaid pool, multi-game complex for youngsters, video games, and a variety of restaurants with ice cream parlours and buffet facilities.

2. Wonder La Bangalore

Wonderla is an unusual and exciting water park in India that is popular with both young children and adults due to the range of attractions available. The park includes both a water park and a theme park, but unlike most combined parks, the quantity of rides for both the categories has not been reduced.

Many people find it challenging to complete all of the rides in one day, but they always have a good time. Daredevils and people who prefer to push their boundaries will like the park’s high-adrenaline rides. Seasonal variations in entry fees. Wavy and vertical falls, Equinox, Insanity, Y-Scream, and the other high-adrenaline rides are all must-see attractions.

3. Water Kingdom in Mumbai

It is India’s largest water park, known as the “Mother of All Water Parks.” It’s a veritable kingdom of well-known and unique water attractions, slides, and entertainment. Enjoy a visit to this water park in Mumbai’s Borivali neighbourhood to wash away your stress. Enjoy a thrilling 40-mile-per-hour tumble from a 7-story slide and emerge feeling revitalised.

Others who are not in the mood for a daring adventure can relax and lounge at Mamma-Mia and Coco Beach by wandering through sprinklers, splashing water, relaxing, and lazing. You can enjoy rain dancing while grooving to the sounds of foot-tapping music. The Lagoon, India’s largest play pool, and the world’s largest wave are not to be missed.

4. GRS Fantasy Park Mysore

GRS Fantasy Park in Mysore offers amusement and entertainment in one location, as well as fun and ecstasy for people of all ages. This fantasy-filled park is easily accessible by public transportation and is the ultimate adventure destination. GRS Fantasy Park, one of India’s most well-known water parks, also has its own shuttle service to the city centre.

5. Queensland in Chennai

Queens Land in Chennai is a well-known name. It is one of India’s top water parks, with a wide choice of thrilling rides and activities. Roller Coasters, Free Fall Towers, Simulation Theaters, Cable Cars, Bumper Cars, Himalayan Water Rides, Ventura River, American Wave Pool, Boating, and a variety of other thrilling rides are popular among both children and adults.

It is easily accessible because of its placement on the Chennai-Bengaluru Trunk Road. Make a day of it with your buddies and spend the entire day riding some of the most thrilling coasters.

6. Adlabs Aquamagica, Mumbai, Pune

Adlabs Aquamagica, near the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, is one of India’s top water parks. It is one of the most enjoyable destinations for families that appreciate spending time together while participating in a variety of fun and exciting activities. High drop and fall rides set this water park different from others.

Although there are other thrilling water slides and rides to get your pulse racing, a ride in Boomerangoo is a whole other story. The rider gets a sense of weightlessness by flying high on the ride and then falling back. Loopy Woopy, Wacky Waves, Twisty Turvy, Splash, and Swirl Whirl are some of the favourite relaxing rides among visitors.

7. World of Wonder in Noida

An entertainment domicile that has become a popular family attraction can be found right in the centre of Noida city, near to Great India Place Shopping Mall. It’s none other than Worlds Of Wonder, a one-stop shop for ultimate delight, fantasy, and fun. WOW offers a magnificent area for personal parties, performances, and award ceremonies, in addition to thrilling rides, water park amusements, and indoor & outdoor activities.

A great area to go for recreation, there are many events held here from time to time, and it’s fantastic if you can attend one of them. For some extra dose of pleasure, you may also visit the theme park and go-karting area. Must-do rides include: Turbo tunnel, free fall.

8. Splash Water Park Delhi

This water park, located on the outskirts of Delhi, welcomes visitors of all ages with equal passion and interest. The finest aspect is that it allows you to forget about your age. It’s a facility with a lot of water rides as well as amusement rides. Certainly, one of top 10 water theme parks in India.

9. Funcity, Chandigarh

This is the biggest amusement and water park of the northern region spreaded in over 43 acres of scenic land and just 20 km away from Chandigarh. The unique combination of water park, amusement park and resort houses 20 hydraulic rides like crazy cars, Octopus, Big Wheel, Fun Slide, Spin o Spin, Crazy Bull, and Hedge Maze among others.

Wunder Water is a popular tourist attraction with six landing pools, one activity pool, a wave pool, and 17 water slides of various sizes and shapes. Aside from these, there’s the Red Dragon Slide, Crazy Cruise, Aqua Dance, and a whole lot more to keep you entertained.

10. Oysters, Gurgaon

Appughar, one of Gurgaon’s most popular amusement and theme parks, is located in the city. Oysters is another name for it. This park is an excellent stress reliever. Here, you’ll find a fantastic selection of water-based attractions and activities to help you forget about the hot, humid summers. When visiting this park, don’t forget to ride OMG or Oh My Gurgaon, a renowned water attraction that will leave you enthralled and energised. This ride allows you to plunge from a height of 20 metres at a speed of 60 kilometres per hour, which is a thrilling experience. This park is a great place to spend time with friends and family.

Here ends our list of India’s top 10 water parks. Ours is a huge country and we have good numbers of water parks for recreation and entertainment spread across. The two other factors that can make a water park best out of the best is its proximity to your place and your budget. Choose wisely and have fun.


Q: Which is the largest water park in India?
A: Water Kingdom is the largest water park in India.

Q: Which is the most famous water park in India?
A: Proximity and one’s budget make different water parks famous in different regions. Hence, go through our list of top 10 water parks in India.

Q: Which is Asia’s largest park?
A: Asia’s largest theme park is Water Kingdom which is also called Esselworld and it is situated in Mumbai.

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