Who Are the 10 Greatest Entrepreneurs?

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Who Are the 10 Greatest Entrepreneurs?

Who Are the 10 Greatest Entrepreneurs?

There is one extreme truth that any entrepreneur has to face. In fact, even in the best of times, most independent companies fail. In this article, we’ll examine ten entrepreneurs who not only achieved success but also created sizable corporate empires.


  • Here are ten businesspeople who, like Standard Oil’s John D. Rockefeller and the head of the steel industry, Andrew Carnegie, built entire industries.
  • Thomas Edison founded General Electric (GE), while Henry Ford improved the assembling that carried most vehicles.
  • Sam Walton founded Walmart and modernized distribution, and Walt Disney created the world’s largest media conglomerate.
  • The list also included Steve Jobs of Apple and Bill Gates of Microsoft.

John D. Rockefeller

  • Born: 8 July 1839, Richford, New York, United States
  • Died: 23 May 1937, The Casements, Ormond Beach, Florida, United States
  • Children: John D. Rockefeller Jr., Edith Rockefeller McCormick, MORE
  • Grandchildren: David Rockefeller, Nelson Rockefeller, MORE
  • Spouse: Laura Spelman Rockefeller (m. 1864–1915)
  • Siblings: William Rockefeller Jr., Frank Rockefeller, MORE

John D. Rockefeller was the most extravagant man in history by most measures. He made his fortune by spreading the efficiencies through horizontal and vertical integration that made Standard Oil synonymous with monopoly. However, the price of fuel has come down drastically for the daily consumer. The government broke up Standard Oil for good in 1911.

Rockefeller resigned when the new century began and devoted a wonderful remainder to liberalism. More than 80 years after his death, Rockefeller remains one of Wall Street’s extraordinary figures.

Andrew Carnegie

  • Born: 25 November 1835, Dunfermline, United Kingdom
  • Died: 11 August 1919, Lenox, Massachusetts, United States
  • Spouse: Louise Whitfield Carnegie (m. 1887–1919)
  • Children: Margaret Carnegie Miller
  • Height: 1.6 m
  • Grandchildren: Margaret Morrison Miller, Roswell Miller III, Louise Carnegie Miller, Barbara Miller

Andrew Carnegie valued speed. Carnegie started up in the steel industry, and his factories were always at the cutting edge of innovation. With exceptional timing, Carnegie joined his boss’s procedures and gobbles up steel resources throughout each market downturn. While not as well-known as some of his contemporaries, Andrew Carnegie’s heritage is solid and moralistic. Like Rockefeller, he spent his golden years giving away the riches he spent the majority of his time on earth accumulating.

Thomas Edison

  • Born: 11 February 1847, Milan, Ohio, United States
  • Died: 18 October 1931, West Orange, New Jersey, United States
  • Children: Charles Edison, Thomas Alva Edison Jr., MORE
  • Spouse: Mina Miller Edison (m. 1886–1931), Mary Stilwell (m. 1871–1884)
  • Full name: Thomas Alva Edison
  • Nationality: American
  • Grandchildren: Peter Edison Sloane, Michael Edison Sloane, Thomas Edison Sloane, John Edison Sloane

There is no uncertainty that Edison was splendid, yet it’s his negotiating prudence, not his ability as an innovator, that obviously shows his wisdom. Edison transformed progress into the method today known as inventive work. Before setting out on his own to build the majority of the American electrical force foundation, he offered his services to many other organizations.

Edison is credited with founding General Electric (GE), but he also founded a number of other firms including Edison Electric and Con Edison that are still operating today. Despite the fact that Edison had definitely a bigger number of licenses than he did corporate ties, the organization will convey his heritage into what’s to come.

Henry Ford

  • Born: 30 July 1863, Springwells Township, Michigan
  • Died: 7 April 1947, Fair Lane, Home of Clara and Henry Ford, Dearborn, Michigan, United States
  • Great grandchildren: William Clay Ford Jr., Alfred Ford, MORE
  • Children: Edsel Ford
  • Organizations founded: Ford Motor Company, Henry Ford Health, MORE
  • Spouse: Clara Bryant Ford (m. 1888–1947)
  • Parents: William Ford, Mary Litogot Ford

Henry Ford did not invent the automobile. He was one of a group working on the motorcar and arguably not even the best of them. However, these competitors were selling their cars at a price that made the car a luxury of the rich. Ford drove America—not just the rich—and unleashed the power of mass production. His Ford Model T was the first car that served most Americans.

Ford’s progressive labor policies and their relentless drive to make every car better, faster and cheaper ensured that their employees and everyday Americans would think of Ford (F) when they shopped for a car.

Charles Merrill

  • Born: 19 October 1885, Green Cove Springs, Florida, United States
  • Died: 6 October 1956, Southampton, New York, United States
  • Education: University of Michigan Law School (1906–1907), Amherst College, Stetson University, Worcester Academy
  • Children: Charles E. Merrill Jr., Doris Merrill, James Merrill
  • Spouse: Hellen Ingram Merrill (m. 1925)
  • Grandchild: Peter A. Magowan
  • Parents: Octavia Wilson Merrill, Charles Merrill

Charles E. Merrill brought high finance to the middle class. After the 1929 crash, the general public had sworn off stocks and anything more financial than a savings account. Merrill reversed that by adopting a supermarket strategy, giving up high commissions to serve a bigger volume of customers while still making a profit.

Merrill worked hard to “bring Wall Street to Main Street”, educated his clients through free classes, published rules of conduct for his firm, and always looked out for his client’s interests.

Sam Walton

  • Born: 29 March 1918, Kingfisher, Oklahoma, United States
  • Died: 5 April 1992, UAMS Medical Center, Little Rock, Arkansas, United States
  • Children: S. Robson Walton, Alice Walton, Jim C. Walton, John T. Walton
  • Books: Sam Walton: Made in America, MORE
  • Grandchildren: Lukas Walton, Carrie Walton Penner, MORE
  • Spouse: Helen Walton (m. 1943–1992)
  • Organizations founded: Walmart, Sam’s Club

Sam Walton chose a market that no one needed and then set up a distribution system that no one had ever tried in the retail industry. Walton had the ability to reduce delivery costs and get goods to occupied stores much faster by constructing distribution facilities between a few of his Wal-Mart (WMT) stores. When Walton added a modern stock control system, his cost edges were well below those of his direct competitors.

As opposed to booking the entirety of the reserve funds as benefits, Walton gave them to the shopper. Walton attracted more and more customers with his consistently low prices to the point where he made the decision to open for business. Walton eventually brought Wal-Mart to the big city to coordinate edges with the huge young guys, and the Bentonville monster never looked back.

Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab, also known as “Toss,” took Merrill’s adoration for the little person and faith in volume over cost into the web age. When May Day started the entryways for arranged charges every single specialist exchange had recently been a similar value Schwab was among the first to provide a rebate financier for the individual investor. Merrill brought personal financial experts back into the market, yet Chuck Schwab made it modest enough for them to survive.

Walt Disney

  • Born: 5 December 1901, Hermosa, Chicago, Illinois, United States
  • Died: 15 December 1966, Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center, Burbank, California, United States
  • Grandchildren: Walter Elias Disney Miller, Victoria Brown, MORE
  • Children: Diane Disney Miller, Sharon Mae Disney
  • Spouse: Lillian Disney (m. 1925–1966)

In the 1920s Walt Disney almost discovered what made him a social juggernaut. A talented illustrator for a promotional outfits, Disney began creating his own animated shorts in a studio carport. Disney turned that mouse into something of an entertainment mecca, a full-length Livestream, and a promotional goldmine. After his demise, development has kept Disney (DIS), and his mouse, the promoter of the largest media organization on Earth.

Bill Gates

  • Born: 28 October 1955 (age 67 years), Seattle, Washington, United States
  • Net worth: 10,510 crores USD (2022) Forbes
  • Children: Phoebe Adele Gates, Jennifer Catherine Gates, Rory John Gates
  • Spouse: Melinda French Gates (m. 1994–2021)
  • Video game: DONKEY.BAS
  • Height: 1.77 m
  • Influenced by: Warren Buffett, Richard Feynman, Peter Singer

The fact that Bill Gates got started early was one of the main factors in his enormous success. Believe it or not, he was only 13 years old when he started working with computers. Yes, he was passionate about computers from a young age, and that is what enabled him to discover Microsoft and enjoy enormous success in the years that followed. If you want to be like Bill Gates, start early and pursue your own dreams because he didn’t waste any time working for others.

Steve Jobs

  • Born: 24 February 1955, San Francisco, California, United States
  • Died: 5 October 2011, Palo Alto, California, United States
  • Children: Lisa Brennan-Jobs, Eve Jobs, Reed Jobs, Erin Siena Jobs
  • Spouse: Laurene Powell Jobs (m. 1991–2011)
  • Education: Reed College (1972–1974), MORE
  • Parents: Abdulfattah John Jandali, Joanne Schieble Simpson, Paul Jobs, Clara Jobs
  • Organizations founded: Apple, Pixar, NeXT

Steve Jobs was the chairman, CEO, and co-founder of Apple Inc., which is now worth over $3 trillion dollars and is considered one of the Big Four of technology, along with Amazon, Google, and Facebook. Steve Jobs, famous for his innovation, fundamentally changed how we would use phones in the future. Not only he introduced iPhone, iPad, and other devices concept, but he skillfully built them for everyone’s pleasure.

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